366 Celt

Year And A Day Of Celtic Wisdom And Lore366 Celt is available again.

Originally published by Element in 2005, the book quickly went out of print in the US when Element closed their North American office literally weeks after publication. But the editor who originally acquired the book for Element now works for Hampton Roads Publishing Company out of Charlottesville, VA; he did the fancy legal footwork necessary to secure the rights to reprint the book in a new North American edition. So here it is.

If you are a bookseller, please stock it (yes, it’s available from the major distributors). If you frequent your local independent bookstore, please ask them to stock it as well. If all else fails, order your own copy here.

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  1. Oddly, I just attended a talk on “Celtic Christianity” on Saturday in San Antonio. It made me want to read more about Celtic spirituality. I’ll look up your book. Do you recommend any others?

  2. This sounds like one I should pick up, Carl. Thanks also for your help as I transition from Wicca to Christianity. Also, I’m looking for some daily devotions to nurture my “new” faith. I’m drawn to prayer beads, for one — I spend about two hours a day in the car, and they would be perfect for prayer while I’m driving.

  3. Thanks, Tom. You might enjoy reading my Letter for Mike — a letter I wrote last year on behalf of a conservative Christian friend who was giving this book to a young man she knew. She asked me if I could write a letter to him explaining my rather unique perspective as an ex-Pagan-but-Pagan-friendly Christian, and how that perspective might inform someone as they read this book. I think you’ll enjoy it.

    As for prayer beads, just be careful while driving, they can lead to an altered state! I personally like the chotki — Eastern Orthodox prayer beads used when reciting the Jesus prayer. You can buy a chotki here.

  4. Thanks for the list! I really appreciate you taking the time to list so many.

  5. I’m so glad this book is back in print! I think it shows a great balance between the Pagan and Christian forms of Celtic spirituality.

  6. I obtained a copy throught the ONE SPIRIT book club. I like the way you organized your topics into various Paths. I didn’t read it very comtemplatively. I just skipped around to the various topical paths to get an idea of your approach. I think you summarized a lot of information about the celtic traditions very nicely and this book would provide a good jump point to explore the field more in depth to those so inclined.

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