Marketplace looks at why authors don’t get rich

Last night the NPR program “Marketplace” ran an interesting piece on how the book industry is changing, thanks to the rise of e-commerce, the dawn of new technologies for media dissemination (like Amazon’s Kindle) and the way in which publishers and retailers at times work at cross purposes. And in this brave new world, authors in particular get left out in the cold (unless they happen to be celebrities). It’s not a particularly fun story for writers to hear, but I think it’s a reality check that every aspiring author needs to know about.

Click here to read a transcript of the story and/or listen to an MP3 of it online.

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  1. Jeanne Terra says:

    It’s all true. I thought I was going to see a lot more money from the publication of my novels than I have received. While I have greatly enjoyed seeing my books published, read, and enjoyed…few authors today can ever quit their day jobs.

    Unless you’re Nora Roberts, Stephen King, etc.


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