“For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it…”

Check out this article about the resurgence of the survivalist movement.Survivalists have been with us for a long time now — I suppose the impulse to hoard, fortify, and defend is as old as humankind — and certainly it is no surprise that our rapidly rising energy and food costs would inspire a new generation of folks with bunkers filled with freeze dried foods. To be honest, I haven't even thought about the survivalist mentality in years, not since I lived in rural Tennessee (it seems that the … [Read more...]

The Courage to Write

The writing retreat has exceeded my expectations. I hope that the retreatants feel the same way. Yesterday morning we had a panel discussion with four monks and three Lay-Cistercians on the relationship between writing and spirituality. What emerged was how wide a terrain this topic covers. One of the monks is a blogger who does not divulge that he's a monk on the blog; one of the laywomen a diarist who never lets anyone read what she's written (and rarely goes back to read it herself). Two of … [Read more...]

What You Want

Currently I'm participating in the Writing and Journal Keeping weekend at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. As I've seen in other writer's gatherings that I've participated in, a major topic of conversation is discipline. Many writers feel like they don't have enough of it to gain traction with their writing practice; others say they have too much discipline, and end up feeling that their writing is often compulsive rather than free. So we'll be talking about discipline a lot today: what it is, … [Read more...]

Temporary Vegan

Oprah Winfrey is "going vegan" — for 21 days. On her blog she is describing this as a "cleanse" in an effort to bring "spiritual integrity" to her quest to become a more "conscious eater."Twenty-one days as a vegan is better than none. But I hope Oprah realizes that the vegan world is not just a nice place to visit: it's a great place to live. … [Read more...]

Prayer Request

Tragedy has visited the home of the contemporary Christian musician Steven Curtis Chapman. Late yesterday afternoon Chapman's five-year-old daughter was killed when her older brother accidentally ran over her while driving the family SUV. The authorities are calling this a horrible accident. Do keep this family in your prayers. My heart especially goes out to the older brother. What a horror. … [Read more...]


I'm just surprised no one came up with this sooner...Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

Mysticism and revolution are two aspects of the same attempt to bring about radical change. No mystics can prevent themselves from becoming social critics, since in self-reflection they will discover the roots of a sick society. Similarly, no revolutionaries can avoid facing their own human condition, since in the midst of their struggle for a new world they will find that they are also fighting their own reactionary fears and false ambitions... The appearance of Jesus in our midst has made it … [Read more...]