25 Mystics

One section of the book I am writing will be a survey of the key voices in the Christian mystical tradition. It will begin with a survey of mystical theology and mystical experiences as recorded in the Bible, and then give brief biographies and summaries of the teachings of probably 25 key mystics over the course of Christian history. I am trying to draw up a list that is inclusive of Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant mystics, as well as covering the entire history of the tradition and … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

But to serve God freely and joyously with a pure heart, yea, what a delicious life it is! Ah, to embrace the delight and love of this supreme good with a full heart what a joy it is! You must know: even though there were no reward hereafter, it would be a reward in itself. Behold, they walk on earth and yet they dwell in heaven.— Henry Suso, quoted in The Soul Afire: Revelations of the Mystics edited by H.A. Reinhold … [Read more...]

Where’s Home?

My friend Beth over at the Virtual Tea House sent this note to me and asked me to pass it on, which I am happy to do. A writing contest with wildflower seeds as the prize. Gotta love it! Hi y'all! Just posted about a writing contest here on the Virtual Tea House, Where's Home?' Check it out! Deadline is June 25th. Winning entry (entries) will be posted on the Virtual Tea House by the end of June. Winners will receive a lovely packet of heirloom wildflower seeds specifically for their … [Read more...]

Using the Saints

Yesterday a monk asked me, "What saints are you going to use in your book?"I know he was just making conversation, but I bristled at the idea of "using" the saints. Once I got over my linguistic snobbery I appreciated that he was showing an interest in the project, so I replied, "Well, a lot of the mystics I love and will be writing about are not necessarily 'saints' in the canonical sense. There's Julian of Norwich of course, and The Cloud of Unknowing, and Pseudo-DIonysius and Ruusbroec and … [Read more...]

In Between the Worlds

Yesterday while working at the Abbey Store I got a surprise: a man came in whom I recognized, but couldn't quite place. We spoke, and he reminded me who he was. I knew him years ago, when I was active in the Atlanta Neopagan community — and he was a Wiccan elder.It turns out he's discovered contemplative Christianity and has fallen in love with it. He spoke enthusiastically about meditating with the monks in the monastery church. I told him that I had become a Catholic in 2005, and he replied, … [Read more...]

Prince Caspian

Fran and Rhiannon and I went to see Prince Caspian last night. Just a few thoughts on it... … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

It is well known that the category of the personal is vital to Christian thinking, both in relation to God who is understood to be three-personed and to humanity which is seen as made in God's image and likeness. Often in common usage what is personal is thought to be identical with what is individual. But the reverse is the case. For whereas when we speak of the individual we speak of each one in his separateness in competition with all others, when we speak of the person we speak of each one … [Read more...]