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… do not give up the form of prayer that comes naturally to you; and do not be disheartened if it seems at first a barren and profitless performance. It is quite possible to obtain spiritual nourishment without being consciously aware of it.

— Evelyn Underhill, The Letters of Evelyn Underhill
(also in An Anthology of the Love of God)

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  1. Great advice, I think. I’ve been attracted to and Anglican prayer beads lately … the rosary left me utterly cold when I was a boy, but not now; they seem oddly comforting.

  2. So true and such a good reminder. Thank you.

  3. Wonderful reality.

    My wife has this amazing belief that MOST of our spiritual nourishment comes when we are not consciously aware of it. She bases this on the teachings of Jesus about the final judgment, the separation of the sheep from the goats: those accepted by the judge into the place of rest said, “WHEN did we do all these great works?” They were unconscious of what they had done that had been pleasing to God. And since our spiritual nourishment, our “meat” (to quote Jesus again) is to do the will of our Father in heaven and to finish His work, it follows that we may often be doing what is pleasing to Him, and consequently being nourished ourselves, without the self-conscious ego-awareness of this that so easily leads us to conceit and self-righteousness and ultimately to the loss of the reward for our genuine works of love!

    My wife is very smart, and spiritually aware. I am a lucky guy!


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