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But to serve God freely and joyously with a pure heart, yea, what a delicious life it is! Ah, to embrace the delight and love of this supreme good with a full heart what a joy it is! You must know: even though there were no reward hereafter, it would be a reward in itself. Behold, they walk on earth and yet they dwell in heaven.

— Henry Suso, quoted in The Soul Afire:
Revelations of the Mystics

edited by H.A. Reinhold

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  • http://peters-rants.blogspot.com/ Peter


    If there is any aspect that deserves to be included in a “reward hereafter,” that belongs there as well as here–that qualifies to begin here and grow and overflow and spill into the hereafter–it is this delight and love of the supreme good, this full and pure heart of joy in God. This is truly the fruit of the Spirit–against such there is no law. This holy joy is welcome anywhere, at any time, “on earth as it is in heaven.”


  • http://www.yearningforgod.blogspot.com Jan

    Oh, Yes!

  • Tom

    One of the mystics…was it Theresa of Avila? Said “All the way to heaven is heaven.” Perhaps this is what she meant…

  • Tammy

    Yes, the search for the Divine is in the seeking and in the seeking is the Divine. It is in the journey to the mountain top that we become one with God the true reward is in the relationship. Knowing God, Ahhhhhhhh!