The Master and the Musician

When I was a teenager hanging out with the charismatic community, I fell in love with the music of Phil Keaggy, a gifted guitarist and a vocalist who sounds like the contemporary Christian answer to Paul McCartney. In 1978 he released a lovely album of instrumental music called The Master and the Musician.

It’s 30 years later and Phil is on tour, doing a series of concerts in which he will be playing The Master and the Musician in its entirety, along with selected other songs from his career. If you’re the kind of person who normally is allergic to “contemporary Christian” music, check out Phil Keaggy: his lyrics are (mostly) not preachy, and his instrumental music simply shines with a luminous virtuosity that is all too rare in contemporary music, whether religious or secular.

Phil Keaggy is bringing The Master and the Musician to Atlanta on June 28, doing a benefit concert for Gwinnett County Special Olympics. Since Rhiannon has participated in the Special Olympics, this makes the evening even more special for us. Yes, we’ll be there. If you live in Atlanta, maybe you will be, too? And if you don’t live in Atlanta, visit Phil Keaggy’s website to see where else he’ll be playing this summer.

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  • Tom

    I remember Phil very well! Loved his rockin’ rendition of “Rise Up, O Men of God.” A looooong time ago. Should be “Rise Up, People of God,” of course.

  • Mr. Mystery Man