Where’s Home?

My friend Beth over at the Virtual Tea House sent this note to me and asked me to pass it on, which I am happy to do. A writing contest with wildflower seeds as the prize. Gotta love it!

Hi y’all!

Just posted about a writing contest here on the Virtual Tea House, Where’s Home?’

Check it out! Deadline is June 25th. Winning entry (entries) will be posted on the Virtual Tea House by the end of June.

Winners will receive a lovely packet of heirloom wildflower seeds specifically for their climate/locale! But more than that, everyone will get to explore more deeply the sense of ‘home’.

Send entries to beth@virtualteahouse.com

Hope all are having a delicious springtime,

Beth, VTH Host

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  • http://swordfury.wordpress.com leafless

    As an avid gardener, the contest prize is quite tempting. I might check it out.

  • http://www.virtualteahouse.com Beth

    Dear Leafless,
    I sure hope you do check it out. I look forward to hearing your rendition of ‘home’!