Writing and Journal Keeping Retreat is Almost Full

If you’re interested in attending the “Writing and Journal Keeping” Retreat at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, you’ll need to register now. I spoke with the registrar yesterday who informed me that the retreat is almost full. The retreat runs May 23-25. The leader of the retreat is Fr. James Behrens OCSO, and I’ll be there at least part of the time as his assistant, and it is likely that I will be giving a talk at some point over the weekend (but frankly, forget about me; Fr. James is an amazing, talented man so you’d rather hear him talk than me anyways!).

Here’s the blurb about the retreat from the monastery’s website:

Explore your personal connection between the inner life and the written word. This weekend includes time for silence, for journaling, and for reflections on the relationship between writing and the spiritual life. Suitable for professional and amateur writers at all skill levels, this weekend does not include personal criticism or feedback. Instead, it simply creates a space where you can write, you can pray, and perhaps even combine the two into a unified spiritual practice.

Suggested donation for the retreat weekend is $120-$200 (sliding scale), which includes room and board (once the retreat house is full, it is possible you could still attend the retreat as a commuter, if you live in Atlanta or are willing to book a nearby hotel. Ask the registrar for details). To register, call the retreat house at (770) 760-0959 or email retreat@trappist.net.

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  • Gina

    Thanks for posting info about this! I’m going to register for it :-)
    Gina (lj is easternsun)

  • http://wheezinggirl.livejournal.com/ Laura

    This would have been pretty cool, but I am otherwise engaged. Thanks for sharing!