No Unelectable Softies!

This little bit of animated speculation by Mark Fiore pretty much says it all...What if... … [Read more...]

A New Look for Spirituality

My first book, Spirituality, is being reprinted this year, with a new introduction, a new subtitle, and a new look. Here's a sneak preview of the cover, featuring a photograph by my wife. … [Read more...]

The Mystical Psalms

Last night I was reading through the New American Standard version of the Psalms, and discovered these verses, all of which suggest a spirituality of contemplation and silent resting/waiting for God: Tremble, and do not sin; Meditate in your heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah. — Psalm 4:4Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, Because of the man who carries out wicked schemes. — Psalm 37:7My soul, wait in silence for God onl … [Read more...]

An Tairseach

Here's a cool new link that Google Alerts alerted me to: An Tairseach - Dominican Farm and Ecology Centre The Dominican Sisters established the Dominican Farm and Ecology Centre in 1998 on their 70-acres of land in Wicklow. It is an organic/biodynamic farm and Centre for Ecology and Spirituality An Tairseach, is the Irish word for threshold and it suggests a new beginning, an alternative and more sustainable way of working with the land as well as a renewed relationship with the whole community … [Read more...]

Embedded Mysticism

Thanks to Peter for alerting me to a fascinating review of a new book called Mystics by William Harmless. Harmless examines a variety of both Christian and non-Christian mystics and interpreters of mysticism, and draws the conclusion that mysticism is so fundamentally embedded in its cultural and religious/theological context that the modern/romanticist notion that suggests "all mysticism is the same" is called into question. I have long felt that it is a mistake to see mysticism as reducible to … [Read more...]

A Few Interesting Links

These links were brought to my attention by the good spiders at Google Alerts...The Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism from Marquette UniversityVeni Creator Spiritus: A Monograph on the Theology of the Holy Spirit Until the Time of Tertullian and Origen by Michel Rene BarnesThe Trinity: A Muslim Perspective by Abdal-Hakim Murad, a lecture delivered at Oxford in 1996A Blogger and a friend of his dialogue on the above article.Special thanks to J.R.M. and Steven Wedgeworth, both … [Read more...]

Who Stole the Common Good?

This essay by Julian Edney is a few years old, but I just found it today. And it's well worth reading, especially if you share my concern that we live in an increasingly uncivil society.Who Stole the Common Good? The Shadow of Ayn RandHere's a juicy excerpt: So, do you want to find out if your friends, coworkers or spouse understand the common good? Some do, some don't. Try a simple game you can play called the Nuts Game — with things you find around the house.Three people sit around a k … [Read more...]