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These links were brought to my attention by the good spiders at Google Alerts…

The Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism from Marquette University

Veni Creator Spiritus: A Monograph on the Theology of the Holy Spirit Until the Time of Tertullian and Origen by Michel Rene Barnes

The Trinity: A Muslim Perspective by Abdal-Hakim Murad, a lecture delivered at Oxford in 1996

A Blogger and a friend of his dialogue on the above article.

Special thanks to J.R.M. and Steven Wedgeworth, both of whose blogs appear to be most fascinating, for links to the über-cool stuff.

Concerning Emergence, Contemplation, and the Faith of the Future
Seven Essential Thomas Merton Books
Christian Mystics to Celebrate in 2015
Why Is "Mysticism" A Dirty Word?


  1. judith collier says:

    I don’t recall the book but I do remember reading that St. Theresa of Avila possibly was of Jewish origin. There was mention of changing the family name, but why, I can’t recall. True, there was a big influence of Jewish mysticism on Christian mystics but, again, the book? Something else, no one has ever mentioned is(and again, it was all in this book) is the relationship of ecstasy with the libido.

  2. Re: the arguments about Trinity and Abdal Hakim-Murad’s arguments against it

    Sigh … profane people will keep fighting amongst themselves but really have no clue what they are talking about.

    The meaning of Trinity or whatever other mythology you’re considering can’t be understood from the rational mind or the normal egoic human consciousness. These people are fighting each other’s perceptions, that’s all. It’s like a wrestling match between shadows.

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