A New Look for Spirituality

My first book, Spirituality, is being reprinted this year, with a new introduction, a new subtitle, and a new look. Here’s a sneak preview of the cover, featuring a photograph by my wife.


Seven Essential Thomas Merton Books
The Intelligent Person's Guide to Prayer
Social Media... and Silence
Sister Joan Chittister and the Way of Paradox


  1. First Impression of the Cover: captive , relevant, and meaningful…

  2. Wow, it looks really great! When will it be available?

  3. Not sure of the exact date, but I should have my copies sometime in July, and as soon as I do I’ll post a notice here. Also, when it is available through Amazon I’ll post a notice as well (but I’m going to sell mine cheaper than Amazon, so you’ll want to buy your copy through me).

  4. Kathleen Richardson says:

    Tell Fran the photo is absolutely mesmerizing!

  5. Carl, I too am anxiously awaiting your book. Bob has inspired me to study Christianity more deeply. I look forward to reading your volume!

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