A New Look for Spirituality

My first book, Spirituality, is being reprinted this year, with a new introduction, a new subtitle, and a new look. Here’s a sneak preview of the cover, featuring a photograph by my wife.


Social Media... and Silence
Mysticism and the Divine Feminine: An Interview with Mirabai Starr
What Has Not Yet Been Revealed
In Memoriam: Kenneth Leech


  1. First Impression of the Cover: captive , relevant, and meaningful…

  2. Wow, it looks really great! When will it be available?

  3. Not sure of the exact date, but I should have my copies sometime in July, and as soon as I do I’ll post a notice here. Also, when it is available through Amazon I’ll post a notice as well (but I’m going to sell mine cheaper than Amazon, so you’ll want to buy your copy through me).

  4. Kathleen Richardson says:

    Tell Fran the photo is absolutely mesmerizing!

  5. Carl, I too am anxiously awaiting your book. Bob has inspired me to study Christianity more deeply. I look forward to reading your volume!

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