An Tairseach

Here’s a cool new link that Google Alerts alerted me to:

An Tairseach – Dominican Farm and Ecology Centre

The Dominican Sisters established the Dominican Farm and Ecology Centre in 1998 on their 70-acres of land in Wicklow. It is an organic/biodynamic farm and Centre for Ecology and Spirituality

An Tairseach, is the Irish word for threshold and it suggests a new beginning, an alternative and more sustainable way of working with the land as well as a renewed relationship with the whole community of life, human and non-human.

Even their domain name is cool:

An Tairseach is located only about 10 miles or so from Glendalough and maybe 40 miles or so from Kildare. In other words, if you’re interested in ancient Celtic Christian history, it’s only a short hop from those venerable sites to this place where it appears that the Celtic Christian tradition is alive and well today.

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