Father’s/Birth Day

Today is my dad’s 85th birthday. When a man is born in the middle of June, he gets to celebrate father’s day and his birthday simultaneously every so often. For dad, this year was one of those years.

Fran and Rhiannon and I drove out to Athens to spend the day with Dad; we took him out to eat to his favorite Chinese restaurant and drove around Athens, throwing gas-is-expensive caution to the wind and enjoying a good old fashioned Sunday drive. Then we went back to his home for his favorite dessert: apple pie and vanilla ice cream (I had vegan whipped topping instead of the ice cream). Fran took this picture of me and Dad.

Then we asked one of the nursing assistants at the home to take this picture of the four of us.

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  • Liadan

    So weird…I saw the picture of your wife and thought I was looking at a picture of myself! Course she’s younger and prettier, but there was a slight resemblance. Eerie


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  • Tom

    Love the photos — what an embarrassment of riches you have, Carl!

    I have your Dad’s good fortune of having a June (mine’s the 12th) birthday and being a father– but I also celebrated Pam and my wedding anniversary on June 8, so it was a triple whammy.

    All three wonderful dates were extra special this year because I celebrated them as a newly “re-minted” Christian — my wife and daughter gave me a lovely Celtic cross for Father’s Day, which our Anglican pastor blessed after Mass on Sunday. I also learned that our priest is well-versed on Celtic Christianity, which was yet another blessing.

  • Gina

    I’m glad you had a good Father’s Day!!! And I’m glad Fran is feeling better :-)

  • episcopalifem

    Hey Carl…Sunday was my dad’s birthday as well…he was 62.

    Beautiful picture of your family!

  • Larry

    Nice way to spend father’s day! You’re Dad looks great–you can still see the fire in the eyes. And I love your beard—wish I could grow one!

  • http://naqsh.org/ned/ ned

    Wow, happy birthday to your father!

    And best wishes to your family as well! :-)