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I have just learned of a wonderful website called LibriVox where volunteers are recording free MP3 audiobooks of texts in the public domain. Someone is currently recording Julian of Norwich (it’s a guy, alas; I hope a woman will record it at some point in the future) and two of Evelyn Underhill’s books are available in MP3 format as well: Mysticism and The Life of the Spirit and the Life of To-Day. I haven’t searched any further to see what other treasures are currently available (the Underhill texts will keep me busy for a while), but I suspect many gems can be found herein – and LibriVox is looking for volunteers to keep recording more public domain texts. What a wonderful way to disseminate mystical wisdom – and what a great, free alternative to buying books!

Happy St. Hildegard's Day!
Bruno Barnhart (1931-2015)
Why Is "Mysticism" A Dirty Word?
What Has Not Yet Been Revealed
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  • Kay

    Ooooh! Thanks for posting this! I buy a ton of books in audio format and listen to them in the car and through my iPod docking station in the morning while getting ready for work. :)

  • http://none Mike N

    When my mother-in-law Alice grew old she moved in with Ginny (my wife) and I and we lived as an extended family. Alice loved reading the newspaper and books but eventually lost her sight at about 90 years old. The Society of the Blind provided a library of audio books and a machine that Alice eventually became fond of and the library was extensive enough to have audio books she liked. Alice passed away at 96 two years ago. The use for this type site is evident in many ways from education to enlightenment.

    This is a very well visioned site it seems to me, and audio of excellent quality. I derives it’s content from Project Gutenburg and is an entirely volunteer run site. I listened to the Preface to the 12th edition of “Mysticism” by Evelyn Underhill and found it simply wonderful.

    As I personelly explore mysticism it really helps to have audio in addition to text as a student. Thanks for the link.

  • episcopalifem

    Thanks Carl…this is way cool.