Nuns in the Outfield

Beth Patterson over at the Virtual Teahouse alerted me to this wonderful article at the ESPN website about Atlanta’s own Dominican sisters and their ministry, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cancer Hospice. Naturally, living in Atlanta I knew about OLPH (it’s been part of the Atlanta Catholic Community even longer than the Trappists have) but I’ve never been there so I didn’t realize how close it was to Turner Field — or how such a bond has emerged between the caregiving nuns and the baseball community. It’s a wonderful story: take the time to read it.

Making Time Stand Still: In the shadows of Turner Field, terminal cancer patients and the compassionate nuns who care for them find joy in baseball

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  • Beth

    Hi Carl–
    Glad you liked the article! I was really touched by it as well.
    The skill to help people invest in life even as they divest attachment to it is an art form. I loved the part about the 300 year old oak tree:
    “The tree is nearly 300 years old, among the oldest of its kind in Georgia. In this place where days are numbered and memories are fleeting, it abides. In this place where bodies grow weaker, it thrives.

    It drinks roughly 450 gallons of water a day. Somewhere dozens of feet below the surface, it has found a stream. In this place where the mission of the sisters is carried out in a thousand small gestures of kindness practiced and repeated in the care of each new patient, it taps a source.

    “We’re built on a wellspring,” Bob Whitaker, the hospice building manager for the past 23 years, explains. “How perfect is that?”

    Pretty darn perfect.