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I have found heaven on earth, since heaven is God, and God is in my soul.

— Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity

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  • http://www.yearningforgod.blogspot.com Jan

    Just yesterday, I used this quote from Elizabeth of the Trinity for a class I facilitate:

    “A few days before her death in 1906, Elizabeth of the Trinity wrote a note to the prioress of her Carmelite monastery. In it, she kept repeating a phrase that could well be a call to everyone: ‘Let yourself be loved. . . LET yourself be loved. . . LET yourself be loved.’”

    Gerald May, The Awakened Heart. San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 1993. 179.

    Thank you for this connection.

  • http://peter-petersrants.blogspot.com/ Peter

    This reminds me of Julian’s “taking Jesus as my heaven”…