The Cloud of Unknowing over the Monastery

The sun hidden by a cloud over the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, Conyers, GA

When I was leaving the grounds of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit this past Thursday evening, I was thrilled by this celestial phenomena. Is this an image of the Cloud of Unknowing, or what? So I stopped my car and used my trusty cell phone to take this snapshot.

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  1. zoecarnate says:

    What an awesome pic. That should be turned into a poster for the gift shop…

  2. Unfortunately, it’s a typical cell phone snapshot, which means it works great as a web graphic but wouldn’t survive the transition to print. So I’m afraid people will have to come visit my blog to enjoy it!

  3. knittabhavana says:

    How pleasing that the Cloud of Unknowing is silvered, faceted, finite and standing in a clear blue sky, rather than the unending, dirty, grey sludge of weather currently pressing down on London… and there was me thinking it was a metaphor! Thank you, Carl – it’s beautiful.

  4. Nice picture Carl. I just completed a retreat at the Monastery this past weekend and took lots of pictures of the light inside the Abbey Church and around the grounds. I wish we had such beautiful skies on Saturday as you had last week. I will definitely be back again.

  5. Wow, that really is a great picture! I just got a new phone that has a camera in it – I’ve never had a cell phone camera before, and now I’ve gone “all out” with a Samsung Blackjack II. (Although to a Mac user I guess “all out” would be an iPhone…)

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