At the Botanical Gardens

Pretty much every Sunday Fran, Rhiannon and I drive to Athens, GA, where my father lives. We take him out to lunch and sometimes do other fun stuff — like today, we visited the Georgia Botanical Gardens, to enjoy the fall foliage, which is just now peaking down here in the south.

Here’s a snapshot I took of Dad, Fran, and Rhiannon…


… while Fran took this photo of me, in one of my more “mystical” moments.


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  1. For some, thankfully, unexplainable reason, your pic reminds me of Wordsworth, “…trailing clouds of glory..”

  2. judith collier says:

    You look like an angel with a beard!

  3. Thank you Carl for a wonderful Website. I frequently check it out. Love those Christian mystics. Your photo in the Botanic Gardens was very touching…maybe because I also have a daughter 21 with significant disabilities and she is much loved, as I can tell your daughter is also. Much appreciate your spiritual insights. Jen.

  4. Yes, yes, All – 3 angels and a coyote in a garden. Perchance a glimpse of the Kingdom.

  5. Nice pictures, Carl, such love in them, and the fingers of God all over you in the second. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. Amy Christian ( P&D Amy) says:

    You all look great! Been a while since I’ve been to the site, full of good material. Lots of love to you and the family.

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