Congratulations, Mr. O’Bama!

To celebrate the victory of our new president-elect, here are two videos featuring the latest “hit” song from Ireland. The first is from a group that calls itself Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys (!)…

YouTube Preview Image

… and here’s the same song, sung in a traditional pub style by Shay Black in Berkeley, California, who has added a few additional verses of his own:

YouTube Preview Image

Move over, JFK. The Irish have a new “favorite son” in America!

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  1. Wow! In my opinion there was no way Obama couldn’t win. People were so fed up with Republicans that there was no way a Republican could win. I even believe that if things were different and Obama was a Republican, he would have lost. America has spoken.

  2. Living in a state as red as Georgia, I was never confident of Obama’s invincibility. Let’s not forget that for a few weeks after the Republican convention, Obama trailed in the polls, and the Bradley/WIlder effect was always the big question mark. I think if McCain had made a better VP pick and had behaved less erratically during the push for the bailout, it would have been a much closer race.

  3. Cool!

    My personal Finnish point of view is that I’m so happy that Bush is ex-president and Obama is a new one! I hope and believe that Obama will fix all the failures and mistakes that Bush and co. did over the years. Of course everyone make mistakes and no one isn’t a “bad” person; ignorant maybe but not bad. Anyway, I hope that Obama will help his own country and also concentrate in national and international important subjects like human rights and environment.

    Great site you have, big up!


  4. judith collier says:

    God bless the Irish, the Africanas, the grandmothers, the grandfathers and parents who produced the beautiful lineage of Barak O’bama. God bless O’bama for taking to heart their lessons.

  5. judith collier says:

    And lest I forget, the United States for which I can now again take pride.

  6. Congratulations, America!

    from the Philippines

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