The Charter for Compassion

This looks pretty cool: a group of religious leaders, including folks like Desmond Tutu and Joan Chittister, are spearheading a campaign to draft a universal “Charter for Compassion.” Perhaps this could be the Magna Carta of the 3rd millennium? Part of what’s neat about it is that anyone can contribute ideas or language for the charter via this website:

Charter for Compassion

Here’s what the website says about this:

By recognizing that the Golden Rule is fundamental to all world religions, the Charter for Compassion can inspire people to think differently about religion. This Charter is being created in a collaborative project by people from all over the world. It will be completed in 2009. Use this site to offer language you’d like to see included. Or inspire others by sharing your own story of compassion.

Looks like a project well worth participating in.

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  1. Compassion?!? Sounds like an evil socialist New Age one-world-government antichrist plot to me.

    Oh wait. Jesus practiced compassion?

    Uh-oh. Somebody better check that Guy’s credentials…

  2. Wiseguy.

  3. Carl, Thanks for pointing me to this site.
    Be blessed

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