End of year buzz for Spirituality

SpiritualityHere’s a shameless plug… I’ve just learned that Brittian Bullock of the Sensual Jesus blog has named my recently reissued first book, Spirituality, to his “best of 2008″ book list.

I am humbled and honored to be included on a list that also features the likes of Peter Rollins, Douglas Coupland, and Alan Jones. Here’s what Brittian had to say about my lowly offering:

I met Carl McColman this summer and had no clue who he was outside of a mutual friend’s recommendation. After our dinner together I realized that I wanted to spend copious amounts of time with this brother in Christ.  His history is rich and varied. His path of conversion is one of the most intriguing I’ve ever heard. And his generosity of spirit is intoxicating without being purely a free for all.  More than anything though, he brings all of this to a book he wrote over a decade ago.  This is a book for all spiritual seekers. It helps to articulate a path that neither negates nor excludes faith traditions, but rather affirms and invites people to recognize our great need for honest exploration of that which is beyond the here and now.  I have Christian and non-Christian friends alike I would love to loan this book to, provided I get it back. ;)

Click here to read Brittian’s entire list, or, click here to buy your very own copy of Spirituality from Amazon (you know you want to).

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