Goals for this blog

It's probably going to be another four or five months before The Big Book of Christian Mysticism is finished. In the meantime, as has been true for the past few months, this blog will continue to suffer from a benign neglect. However, I've been thinking about where I want to take the blog once I have the time to focus on it more fully and regularly.No major changes of course — as this blog's welcome widget states, it will continue to be "all about Christian mysticism, Celtic wisdom, interfaith … [Read more...]

12 down, 31 to go

Facebook is awash with a "25 Random Facts" meme, in which individuals are asked to write 25 random facts about themselves, and then tag a bunch of their friends to do the same. In case you want to read it, my list is here.Item #22 on my list concerns a "bucket list" — a life-long to-do list, consisting of key goals to complete over the course of a lifetime. I created a rather modest list along these lines when I was 30; I say "modest" because I had completed everything on the list within 15 y … [Read more...]

Just for fun…

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a Self-Knowing Creative Believer … [Read more...]

Contemplative Christianity at EnlightenNext

Thanks to Phil Foster for pointing this one out to me...EnlightenNext Magazine (formerly What is Enlightenment?) has a page on its website devoted to Contemplative Christianity, with interviews by folks like Thomas Keating, Anthony Bloom, M. Basil Pennington and others. There's no cost to read the interviews, and if you subscribe you'll also get access to the audio and video content.Here's the link: www.enlightennext.org/magazine/christianity/ … [Read more...]

Buying my books

I've received a request as to the easiest place to find all my books. The answer, of course, is Amazon... and to make it easier on anyone who wants to buy my books, here's a link you can use: http://astore.amazon.com/earthmysticIndeed, please use this link -- if you make a purchase through that link (of any Amazon product, not just books by me), I'll get a wee little commission. Help an undernourished writer, the next time you shop at Amazon! You'll be glad you did. :-)Just to make it fun, … [Read more...]

Best University’s 100 Fascinating Celtic Blogs

Check out this link: Best University's 100 Fascinating Celtic Blogs. My humble blog is on the list.My vision for the Website of Unknowing basically involves four key topics: Christian mysticism, the emergent conversation, interfaith spirituality, and Celtic wisdom — as well as book/movie/CD reviews of titles related to the above. But since I've been writing a book on Christian mysticism (and mysticism is a topic of interest to both the emergents and the interfaith crowd), I've really rather b … [Read more...]

Douglas Kmiec on Obama and the Catholic Blogosphere

...Right-wing Catholic bloggers, acting as a thinly disguised political front for the GOP, remain fixated on the goal of precipitating an unnecessary war between the Holy See and America’s next administration. It is dismaying to see a few American prelates and their “anonymous” Vatican commentators acting as witting or unwitting coconspirators in this divisive action. Obama himself has written that the golden rule tells us that we “need to battle cruelty in all its forms, [with] the value of lov … [Read more...]