Best University’s 100 Fascinating Celtic Blogs

Check out this link: Best University’s 100 Fascinating Celtic Blogs. My humble blog is on the list.

My vision for the Website of Unknowing basically involves four key topics: Christian mysticism, the emergent conversation, interfaith spirituality, and Celtic wisdom — as well as book/movie/CD reviews of titles related to the above. But since I’ve been writing a book on Christian mysticism (and mysticism is a topic of interest to both the emergents and the interfaith crowd), I’ve really rather been neglecting the “Celtic” dimension of this blog. But I’m happy that the good folks at Best University felt it was nonetheless Celtic enough for inclusion on their list. I do hope that after the book is finished (should be by the middle of this year), I can pay more attention to things Celtic again, both in my personal spiritual practice as well as here on the blog.

“Best University” appears to be a new site devoted to gathering together information on different online degree programs… and also drawing up lists of cool blogs. Nice to be noticed by them so early in the game.

Their’s lots of other tasty Celtic-themed blogs on the list as well. So go check it out.

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