Contemplative Christianity at EnlightenNext

Thanks to Phil Foster for pointing this one out to me…

EnlightenNext Magazine (formerly What is Enlightenment?) has a page on its website devoted to Contemplative Christianity, with interviews by folks like Thomas Keating, Anthony Bloom, M. Basil Pennington and others. There’s no cost to read the interviews, and if you subscribe you’ll also get access to the audio and video content.

Here’s the link:

  • Liz

    Thank you so much, Carl. What a treasure trove.

    BTW, Rich and I are so excited because we will get to see Fr. Keating in person in St. Paul at the end of next month. he seems like such a delightful man.

  • Carl McColman

    I saw Fr. Keating speak in Atlanta in 2005, and spoke with him briefly as he autographed a book for me. He is a delightful man.

  • Jan

    What an awesome list of resources. Thank you. I am going to put this on my blog, acknowledging you and Phil.