Lost Generation? I don’t think so!

This is quite cool. Thanks to my friend Alessa for pointing me to it.

Be sure to watch/listen to the entire video; it’s less than two minutes long.

YouTube Preview Image

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A shout out to Evelyn Underhill and her wonderful book
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Flannery O'Connor on the Church and Politics
  • Liz

    That is cool, Carl. As the mother of a 19 and 20 year old, there are many times when I think they are far more aware of the superficiality of our culture than many in my own age bracket.

  • mysticafe

    I have a 13 & 17 year old. Whoever thinks these kids are apathetic are the victims of their own grandiosity.

  • http://virtualteahouse.com Beth

    I loved this–very, very clever. I will be posting it on my site. Thanks for passing it along–

    And children/youth are never inherently apathetic–they have to be taught it.

  • http://virtualteahouse.com Beth

    Here’s the link to the post on the tea house–
    Thanks again, Carl–