More on the Future of Mysticism

Mike Morrell calls my recent post on the future of mysticism “the most important spirituality post I’ve encountered thus far in 2009.” Wow, I’m flattered. Meanwhile, in the comments section of Mike’s post, a fellow named Jason Aldridge has engaged in a spirited discussion with Mike on the value of interreligious spirituality. It’s well worth taking a few minutes to read. Check out the conversation here:
Carl McColman’s 7 Theses on the Future of Christian Spirituality

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  1. Carl I prefer gentleman over fellow….just joking. Thanks for conversation starter and thanks for tackling contemplative prayer in a predictive rather than prescriptive way. I may disagree with the implications of your predictions but the predictions themselves are pretty accurate. That’s just this fellows opinion mind you.

  2. I understand, Jason, although I suppose I see you as a “fellow” gentleman.



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