Earth Abbey

The ever-vigilant Mike Morrell sent me this link — to Earth Abbey, a British-based community that describes itself as... ... a movement of people helping one another to live more in tune with the earth. We work to promote:A rich relational life between human beings A compassion toward the earth and its creatures A sense of interconnectedness of all life Wisdom and justice in relationships Human fulfilment and the nurture of the inner life A way of living that leaves the earth better than … [Read more...]


Once upon a time, I thought Beliefnet would be a revolutionary presence on the web: a forum where real and meaningful interfaith dialogue would occur. Alas, it's more or less turned into a spiritual lifestyle website, which I'm sure has its uses but to my mind represents a certain measure of unfulfilled potential. But the dream of a truly substantive interreligious forum on the Internet is not dead.Later this year the Patheos website will be launched. Based on their introductory video, it … [Read more...]

In Albuquerque

Here is a snapshot of Fran and me standing in front of San Felipe de Neri Church, the oldest Catholic parish church in Albuquerque (and just a short walk from the hotel where the Emerging Church Conference was held). As the church's website puts it, "For nearly 300 years, San Felipe de Neri Parish has provided a spiritual heart for Albuquerque, New Mexico. That heart is still beating strongly, offering liturgical, pastoral, and educational services to parishioners and visitors. The present … [Read more...]

The Emerging Church: Day 3

Well, the first Emerging Church Conference sponsored by the Center for Action and Contemplation is over. And if you weren't there (or logged in to the webcast), there will probably be another one next April. And in the meantime, DVDs and CDs of this year's event will be made available soon. … [Read more...]

The Emerging Church: Day 2

I know realize just what the logic was in putting together the Emerging Church Conference Schedule. Day 1, featuring Phyllis Tickle, Brian McLaren and Richard Rohr, was the "Contemplation" day. Today, featuring Alexie Torres-Fleming and Shane Claiborne, complements yesterday by focusing more on "Action." I felt a little underwhelmed by yesterday's programming, mainly because I  had done my homework and was quite familiar with what all the presenters had to say. Today, however, I got a clear … [Read more...]

The Emerging Church: Day 1

Well, I've learned something. Fran and I are not as young as we once were.We got up our normal time this morning (5 AM Atlanta time = 3 AM Albuquerque time) and got pretty much had our normal morning routine — only at 8:30, instead of leaving for our respective workplaces, we drove off together to catch our outbound flight. Of course, the Atlanta airport is itself a workout, and we probably walked a good two miles (luggage in hand) before we boarded our flight.We arrived in Albuquerque at 1 … [Read more...]

Why the Emerging Church Matters…

I’m writing this while on a Delta jet, flying from Atlanta to Albuquerque. Fran and I are enjoying a rare weekend away from Rhiannon in order to attend the Emerging Church Conference sponsored by the Center for Action and Contemplation. This conference features some of the most dynamics speakers within the Christian community today, including Richard Rohr, Brian McLaren, Shane Claiborne, Phyllis Tickle, and Alexie Torres-Fleming. Organizations like Spiritual Directors’ International and The … [Read more...]