I have registered www.christianmysticism.com to be the website for the new book.

For now I’ve set up a placeholder page that basically says, “This is the future home of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism.”

Eventually I may try to make that site a resource center on Christian mysticism, sort of an extension to the book. But it might just be a “Hey, buy this book” site. Haven’t thought that far ahead, and I need to finish writing the book first.

But for now, the domain name is mine, so anything is possible. Go ahead and bookmark it!

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  • Linda Nicola

    You will have Eastern Christian Mysticism in it , right? That’s my main interest. (also Celtic. I’m not that interested in Roman for some reason. Perhaps my own prejudice). Did the East and West influence each other or did they develop independently?

    Also, a Big Workbook for Christian Mysticism would be great. Just an idea.


  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/carlmccolman/ Carl McColman

    The book is not so much a historical survey as much as a meditation on what Christian mysticism might look like today, and in that sense draws on Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic sources. Of course, the Orthodox tradition is very much about the Jesus Prayer: prayer of the heart. I think much of the distastefulness of western/Latin mysticism stems from a general poisoning of the air that occurred in the wake of the Reformation, and that ruined mysticism for both Protestants and Catholics. So in looking at the west, I’ll be drawing in particular from the pre-Reformation folks.

    The big workbook is a GREAT idea. Let’s sell tons of the first book, to justify the second…

  • Liz

    The new website looks great. Has a very peaceful feel to it already.

    BTW, we met Fr. Keating this past Friday night. He really is someone special. Am I the only one who experiences his presence as just as powerful as what he says? It seems like I was just as bowled over by who he is and how he is as I was by what he said.

    Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. An elderly priest that we know has the same effect only to a lesser degree.

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/carlmccolman/ Carl McColman

    I’ve only met Dom Keating once, briefly, in 2005, but based on that momentary encounter, I agree with you: he does have a beautiful presence.

  • http://journeysomething.wordpress.com ben

    Liz, did you see his talk in Oakdale, MN??? I was there too! What an amazing time. I couldn’t believe how a man on the verge of 86 years could be so coherent, systematic, and inspiring while speaking of the mystical.

  • http://www.patlougheyr.com/ Pat

    That’s great news, Carl! I can’t wait to see the book and the site take life; the topic is certainly much needed.

  • Liz


    Yes! That was where we were also. Wow, what a small world.

    What I couldn’t believe was how he stayed and talked to every single person. We were one of the last and it was almost two hours after he’d finished speaking.

  • http://journeysomething.wordpress.com ben

    What a guy! Do you know if this talk was recorded? I would be very interested in hearing it again. Loved how he talked about “a different kind of economy” and the way he integrated evolution into his thoughts on the scope and sequence of spirituality. It may have changed my life.