Come Alive! (Howard Thurman meets Michael Noyes & Fran McColman)

Come-AliveI’m delighted to announce that my good friend Michael Noyes has created a new work of calligraphy that features a photograph by my wife, Fran.

The piece includes a wonderful quotation by the African-American mystic and theologian Howard Thurman, who was a mentor to Martin Luther King Jr., among others:

Do not ask what the world needs.

Ask what makes you come alive and do that.

Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive!

At the bottom of the print is a photograph of a lotus that Fran took in the summer of 2004, when we visited the National Arboretum in Washington, DC. Fortunately, we had made a CD-ROM of all the photographs from that trip, so when our house was burglarized last year and our computers (with all of Fran’s photographs on them) were stolen, the Arboretum photographs were some of the ones we thankfully still had.

And now one of those photos has been joined to Michael’s graceful calligraphy and Howard Thurman’s words of timeless wisdom.

If you’d like, you can purchase prints (framed or unframed) at Michael’s website, by following this link:

While you’re at it, browse around Michael’s site. He’s created a truly beautiful collection of inspirational and religious calligraphy, available both as prints and as greeting cards.

And when you make your purchase, tell Michael that Carl sent you.  :-)

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  • trev

    “What makes me come alive.”

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

  • Michael Noyes

    Thanks Carl! You can be my publicist anytime!

    I read something rather similar to Thurman’s quote this morning in Susan Trott’s, The Holy Man: “Joe (the holy man) encouraged everyone to live to their fullest potential, understanding that it was devotion to one’s work or art or sport that lead to accomplishment and personal fulfillment while also contributing to the world’s progress.” (Chap. 13)

  • Payshun

    Thanks for this, you are the first I mystic I have seen in a while to reference one of the great spiritual masters we have ever produced. Thurman is a great mentor in my life and I am grateful for this.