Lay Cistercian Promises

Yesterday I made my simple promises as a Lay Cistercian, along with six of my friends. Three others, who already were junior Lay Cistercians renewed their promises. The promises are for one year, and need to be repeated annually for at least three years before lifetime promises can be made.

It was a lovely ceremony. We met in the monastery chapter room and, standing before the Abbot and the spiritual director of the Lay Cistercians, read our promises aloud, then signed three copies: one for ourselves, one for the Lay Cistercian archives, and one for the Monastery archives.

Here’s a picture of me signing my promises. The spiritual director, Fr. Anthony Delisi, and the abbot, Fr. Francis Michael, are sitting to the left.


After the ceremony we lingered in the cloister garden to chat with friends, including Fr. James Behrens. Here’s a picture of me, Rhiannon, and Fr. James.

crjincloisterSorry no pictures of Fran — she was behind the camera!

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  1. May God continue to unfold within your life the Mysteries of grace, and may that unfolding deepen your ministry to those around you, near and far.

  2. Carl, I’m so deeply happy for you!

  3. zoecarnate says:

    WOW, what a journey…excited for you…

  4. Congratulations Carl. A whisper of a prayer for you.

  5. 2nd pic caption – “3 Coyotes”. What a beautiful day, including a Methodist hymn and Bach!


  6. … and Beethoven. Definitely three coyotes, you shoulda been in the picture as well. Thanks for being there.

  7. I absolutely LOVE that photo of you with Rhiannon and Fr. James!

  8. Yeah, it’s pretty sweet. Even Rhiannon’s coat, draped over the back of her wheelchair, matches the color of her footpads.

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