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The tragedy of modern man is that his creativity, his spirituality, and his contemplative independence are inexorably throttled by a superego that has sold itself without question or compromise to the devil of technology.

The contemplative seeks to liberate his soul from all external control, to purify and detach it from material, sensual, and even spiritual compulsions, and to surrender it to the truth and creative freedom of the Holy Spirit.

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    Я извиняюсь, что немного не в тему, а что такое RSS? и ка на него подписаться?

  • zoecarnate

    Sometimes I love this apophatic iconoclasm; other times (in the spirit of the best of Kataphatic approaches, like, say, the Celts) I want to say “Eh. Lighten up!”

    I can’t decide if the best spiritual path involves a scrupulous detachment from all form, a full-throttled throwing oneself into form with all its joy and heartbreak. The former strikes me as kenotic; the latter, incarnational.

    Either way, I can’t help but escape the irony of your blogging a statement against the devil of technology…reminds me of Jaques Ellul or Wendell Berry websites. :)

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/carlmccolman/ Carl McColman

    I don’t read Merton as being a Luddite here, but simply arguing that technology has become the god of our age. Fran and I were in the mall today (unusual for us), and commenting on all the people with their bluetooths on, chatting away interminably. I don’t think there’s much of an argument that technology has marginalized silence in our world.

    I think your kenotic/incarnational dilemma is one of those paradoxes that will never resolve itself. Live with it and into it, my friend.

  • zoecarnate

    “Technology has marginalized silence in our world.” It’s true, it’s true. I think I’ll Tweet that. :)

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/carlmccolman/ Carl McColman

    I think that would be just grand. ;-)

  • http://coii.ru Avertedd

    Как всегда на высоте!

  • http://www.pricebonus.com/ PB

    "Technology has marginalized silence in our world." It’s true, it’s true. I think I’ll Tweet that. :)