The Reverend Mark P

One of my best friends from college, who is now a UCC minister in Vermont, has begun a blog. He’s posting his sermons, mostly, although he told me that at some point he might post audio files of his sermons, which I think would be way cool. Pay him a visit, and if you leave a comment, tell him Carl sent you…

The Reverend Mark Pitton’s Blog

What Has Not Yet Been Revealed
Life is a Pilgrimage — So Embrace the Journey
In Memoriam: Kenneth Leech
Mysticism and the Divine Feminine: An Interview with Mirabai Starr


  1. And a mighty big thank you to Carl. Thanks for the journey of the spirit we have had and will have.
    Thanks for the friendship through the miles and years. And thanks for this shout out. All are invited. And my sermons are online only through audio. I do not write them anymore. It came down to control or trust and I went with trust. I never really had much control of the word/message. So, this is a nice discipline for me.

    Love ya Carl.

  2. Ahaan… I will follow.

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