New Endowment for Flannery O’Connor’s Church

Sacred Heart Church, Milledgeville, GA

Sacred Heart Church, Milledgeville, GA

The Georgia Bulletin — the weekly newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta — has an interesting article this week about an endowment left to Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Milledgeville, GA, by Regina O’Connor, the mother of Flannery O’Connor, one of the most renowned Catholic (and native Georgian) authors of the twentieth century. The endowment will preserve the current sanctuary of the church, even if the parish at some point needs to build a new church building. Read the story here: New Endowment Will Preserve Flannery’s Church.

Also check out Sally Fitzgerald’s eulogy for Regina O’Connor, which also appeared in this week’s Georgia Bulletin: A Bow to Miss Regina.

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  • Bob

    Hey Carl,
    Thanks for the reminder.

    I liked her stance in her two novels on the “sacrament” of preaching, that appeals to the evangelical in me. In her own life she had a literal sense of the Eucharist, appeals to my RC senses. She is probably too conservative to appeal to any large following in today’s world