Upcoming Events: Mysticism Retreat and Class

Friends, here are the two events I have coming up, that may be of interest to folks who read this blog. The first is a a retreat on Christian mysticism that will be held at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia; the second is a class on world mysticism through the Evening at Emory Continuing Education Program at Emory University in Atlanta. Space is limited at both these events, so if you’re interested, please register soon. Hope to see you there…

Wisdom of the Christian Mystics
Retreat Weekend at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, Conyers, Georgia
July 17-19, 2009
(Retreat leaders: Fr. Tom Francis, OCSO and Carl McColman)
From the Desert Fathers to Julian of Norwich to Thomas Merton, Christian history is filled with stories of men and women who experienced a profound sense of God’s presence in their lives. Can the teachings of the mystics still speak to us today? The mystics themselves would say “yes” – and furthermore, that their message is not just for priests or monks or nuns, but is indeed meant for the entire people of God. With this in mind, during this weekend we will look at several ways in which the wisdom of the Christian mystics can provide insight and inspiration for our age. This will include the universal call to holiness – St. Paul ‘s directive to “pray without ceasing,” and the promise from the Psalms to “be still and know God.”
Suggested donation $120 – $200 (sliding scale) includes room and board for two nights
For more information or to register, call 770-760-0959 or visit

Introduction to World Mysticism through Emory University’s “Evening at Emory” Program.
Wednesday Evenings, July 22-August 12, 2009; 7:00-9:00 pm
Instructor: Carl McColman
Madonna is studying the Kabbalah. The Shack is a runaway bestseller. Centuries after he died, everyone’s reading Rumi. Yoga, Buddhism and other eastern practices are more popular among Americans than ever. So what gives? At the heart of all these cultural trends is mysticism, a vague word that can be translated as “the spiritual principle at the heart of religion.” Many people believe mysticism is the golden thread that unites all the world’s religions. Others scoff at the idea. Come decide for yourself in this class as we explore major themes and writings from the world’s great mystical traditions. Using Andrew Harvey’s The Essential Mystics as our textbook, we’ll examine the world’s great wisdom traditions — Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, as well as pagan and philosophical forms of mysticism — acknowledging both the common ground and the distinctive qualities of each mystical path. Class is taught from an academic/nonsectarian perspective.
Textbook: The Essential Mystics : Selections from the World’s Great Wisdom Traditions.
Tuition: $130
Click here to register

Carl McColman is the author of several books, including 366 Celt: A Year and a Day of Celtic Wisdom and Lore and Spirituality: A Postmodern, Interfaith Approach to Cultivating a Relationship with God. He blogs at www.anamchara.com. Carl is working on a book about Christian mysticism to be published in 2010.

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  • zoecarnate

    I totally want to take your world mysticism class! We might even be in the area by late July. If we live in Decatur, this could turn out perfect…