Wikipedia & Me

Tonight I discovered that there’s a picture of me on Wikipedia. It’s on the page for the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, in the “Book store and religious gifts” section. No caption with my name, so unless you knew it was me, you’d miss it.

Here’s the picture, which I’m saving to my Facebook profile and to this blog, knowing the something can disappear from Wikipedia at any time…


To see this snapshot in its native habitat, go to

And no, I had nothing to do with this. I do vaguely remember someone taking this snapshot and saying they were going to use it on Wikipedia. But tonight is the first time I bothered to look at the Monastery entry, and I wasn’t even looking for pictures of the store (with or without me), I just wanted to see what Wikipedia had to say about the Monastery.

But it was fun to find this. It’s way cool. I feel almost famous.

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  • Pat Morell

    I don’t think your beard was THAT long when I saw you in June. You look like an Old Testament prophet! :-)

  • Carl McColman

    Or a Trappist monk. :-)

    I trim my beard and get a hair cut about once every two months, whether I need it or not. So you must have seen me right after a trim.