Does Julian of Norwich ride MARTA?

My friend Jason Herman saw this recently at the Martin Luther King Memorial MARTA Station (MARTA is Atlanta’s public public transportation authority). In his words: “I found Julian of Norwich at the King Memorial MARTA station! Well, I guess they didn’t have the phrase ‘OK’ back then, but still… ‘All manner of things will be OK.’”


I find it rather amusing that this unlikely paraphrase of Julian’s most famous quotation would adorn a fire extinguisher — after all, Julian’s optimistic theology and visionary understanding of the love of Christ is only of the best “fire extinguishers” I know of.

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  • Gary Snead

    It appears to be an old example of a serial stenciling minimalist graffitti artist with a solid grasp of accurately and not just ironically or sarcastically juxtaposing clear thoughts from the past and present day object lessons. Perhaps someone with time and travel opportunities can devote a bit of time to checking in to this.