This is embarrassing…

I’ve had a quotation go mildly viral online. But the embarrassing bit is, I don’t remember where I said it! In a book? Online? In an interview? Eek. I have no clue. Fortunately, it’s a positive quote, and it does sound like something I’d say, so I have no doubt that it’s really me. I just don’t remember when the words first left my mouth (or my fingers). Here’s the quote:

We live our relationships not through terrific planning but simply by being present with the ones we love. This is true whether the loved one is another person – or God.

It’s been picked up by marriage enhancement websites, usually attached to a paragraph encouraging spouses to be more intentional about spending quality time together. Of course, my original point was about the main purpose of contemplative prayer, but certainly this quote is just as meaningful on the strictly human level.

It’s too long to be a Twitter Tweet, so at least I can rule that possibility out.

Anyone have any ideas where I said this first?

Gee, I must be getting old!  :-)

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  1. So since Jesus quoted the proverb, “physician, heal yourself” perhaps we should say to you “writer, quote yourself.”

  2. Does this imply that God is NOT a person. ?

    I am sure you would not say this .

    Being present to one another is love in action. We are not just talking about physicalo presence, but feeling and empathising with the other.
    And we do this with Christ who is IN ME .

  3. You’re right, the distinction between “God” and “another person” is erroneous. More accurate would have been to say “whether the loved one is another mortal — or God.”

  4. In any case, it’s a great quote!

  5. Sounds more like something you said than wrote?

  6. Oh…and Portland in 2010?!! Yessirre, Bob, I’ll be there!

  7. Is this an example of unknowing?!

  8. Dear Carl,

    That happened to me one time on a live radio interview. I was asked did I recognies a particular definition of the word Life – Love is flowing Eternally. I couldn`t think where I`d ever heard that but I had written it in one on my ezines.

    Always a sting to the ego. Gettin old too.



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