“Unveil My Heart, Let Me Know You”

A lot of contemporary Christian music is simply garden variety praise and worship music, perfectly fine for what it does — but generally so kataphatic that it doesn’t have much of a contemplative focus. But there are a few exceptions. Check out this song from an early album by the Australian singer Rebecca St. James:

YouTube Preview Image

It has an authentically contemplative vibe. I particularly like the line “Unveil my heart, let me know, know you” — for even a cursory knowledge of Christian mysticism reveals that a truly contemplative knowledge of God comes through the heart (and love) rather than through the mind & cognition.

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  1. vangelique says:

    thank you for posting the song. very beautiful.
    you might like the Molten Meditation podcast offered here: http://www.emergentvillage.com/podcast/a-molten-meditation-on-matthew-6
    you’ll notice a link on the podcast page to the Molten website: http://www.moltenmeditation.com/music.htm where you can find a free, fully downloadable video with a similar concept and cds of other audio meditations for sale. i can only vouch for the podcast and the video as i have not purchased cd.

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