Quotes for the Day

We don't lack time, we lack focus. — Tessa BieleckiLeisure is not a privilege for those who have the time, it is a virtue for those who take the time. — Brother David Steindl-RastBoth of these quotes come from Tessa's Wild at Heart: Radical Teachings of the Christian Mystics … [Read more...]

Recycling Trumps Richard Rohr (at least for me)

Readers of this blog know that I've been excited about hearing Richard Rohr speak in Atlanta this coming Saturday at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Philip. Indeed, if you are in Atlanta and are free on Saturday, I would encourage you to go — although it's my understanding that the response has been so great that they've had to move the event from the fellowship hall into the Cathedral nave.But, as it turns out, I won't be there.A couple of months ago my wife and I learned that the city of D … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

The grace of God is to God himself as sunlight is to the sun — a means and a way leading us to the latter. It therefore shines within us in a simple, one-fold way and makes us deiform, that is, like God. This likeness constantly sinks away, dying in God and becoming and remaining one with him, for charity makes us become one with God and causes us to remain living in union with him. — Blessed John Ruusbroec, The Spiritual Espousals … [Read more...]

Location, Location, Location

It is said that there are three important concerns in real estate: "Location, location, location." It's funny because it's true.If you love to golf, your dream house is adjacent to a golf course — maybe not so close that you get golf balls flying through your windows, but close enough to walk to the clubhouse. Likewise, if you love the ocean, there's nothing like beachfront property; if the lake is your thing, then you want waterfront property. And so it goes.My wife and I keep going back a … [Read more...]

Four sources for personal and spiritual nourishment

The other day I had an insight about four essential sources for my own spiritual nourishment. I described this to a friend last night, using a cross as the visual metaphor to tie these elements together.At the foundation of my spirituality is, of course, the tradition in which I am immersed: the wisdom teachings of two thousand years of mystics and contemplatives, united in our common devotion to the life and passion of Jesus of Nazareth. In the diagram I call this "theology and mysticism" … [Read more...]

God is love (and the Eskimo words for snow)

There's a popular urban legend that the Eskimo have many words for snow. It's kind of like saying "Europeans have many words for water" — there is more than one language among the Inuit, and even within one language, often various words are employed to describe similar phenomena: think of the English words river, rain and ocean, for example. The urban legend persists, though, because it asks an interesting cultural question: how do languages evolve to parse out distinctions in meaning? The Urban … [Read more...]

In a monastery bookshop

Today someone  came into the Abbey Store and walked up to me and said, "I need a book with a title like 'The Third Alphabet' or something like that.""Oh, I imagine you mean The Third Spiritual Alphabet by Francisco de Osuna," I said. I explained to the customer that it's not a title we keep in stock, being rather obscure even for our clientele, but I offered to special order it for her.She said she'd have to think about it."If you're interested in Teresa of Avila, it's probably one worth … [Read more...]