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Charity keeps a person constantly facing the fathomless goodness of God from which charity flows forth, in order that the person might live honorably for God and persevere and grow in all the virtues and in genuine humility. Righteousness keeps a person facing the eternal truth of God, in order that he might be open to the truth and become enlightened and fulfill all the virtues without going astray. Humility keeps a person facing the great majesty of God, in order that he might remain small and lowly and surrender himself to God and not rely on himself.

— John Ruusbroec, The Spiritual Espousals

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  1. That’s a wonderful quote. I have not heard of this author before. Thanks for sharing it.

    • John Ruusbroec is an amazing mystic from the 13th century. Evelyn Underhill considered him the great of the Christian mystics: no faint praise, coming from her! Definitely worth getting to know. You’ll also see his name spelled Ruysbroeck (with or without “van”), and his first name spelled Jan.

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