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In their ignorance some think they do not desire God unless they are always calling him with the words of their mouth or else by words of desire in their hearts, as if I were to say, ‘Ah, Lord, bring me to your bliss’, ‘Lord save me’, or something of this kind. These words are good whether sounded in the mouth or formed in the heart, for they stir a man’s heart to the desire of God. Nevertheless, a pure but wordless thought of God or of any spiritual thing — virtues, the manhood of Christ, the joys of heaven, or the understanding of holy scripture — may, with love, be better than any such words. For a pure thought of God is a true desire for him, and the more spiritual your thought is, the greater your desire; therefore when you pray or think about God or do any outward deed for your fellow Christian, be in no doubt or perplexity as to whether you desire God or not, for the action shows it.

— Walter Hilton (1340-1396), The Mixed Life

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