The Quest for the Perfect (Inexpensive) Recording Gear

Yesterday I wrote about Fran's and my experiencing recording stories for StoryCorps. We both enjoyed it so much that we've been talking all weekend about getting some decent recording equipment and doing more. I'd love to sit down with some of the monks in Conyers and get them to share some of their stories; although my father is pretty ravaged with dementia, on his good days he still can spin a yarn or two, and meanwhile my brother and uncle (both named Don) are pretty good at telling tales. … [Read more...]


Yesterday my wife and I recorded an interview with StoryCorps. Fran interviewed me. I talked about my childhood memories of religion, my spiritual awakening at age 16, my entry into and eventual disillusionment with the charismatic renewal, and my adult journey from Episcopalianism to Neopaganism to Catholicism, always with the foundational interest in Christian and world mysticism impelling me forward.It was quite a lot of fun. StoryCorps is set up at our local public radio station, so we … [Read more...]

The “Bible in Five Statements” Meme

Angharad Wyvern AKA Yewtree over at the dance of the elements has tagged me with this impossible task. It's called "The Bible in Five Statements" challenge: Summarise the Bible in five statements, the first one word long, the second two, the third three, the fourth four and the last five words long. Or possibly you could do this in descending order. Tag five people. Ay yi yi.Okay, but only because I don't know how to say "no" to memes, and this one, if nothing else, is quite a puzzler. And … [Read more...]

The Email of Unknowing

If you want to stay connected to this website/blog without having to visit all the time, you now can get updates sent to your email inbox (okay, disclaimer: I strive to update this blog once a day, and sometimes twice a day when I'm all fired up. So that's how often you would be receiving email). If you're interested, look at the widgets on the left side of this site: the third one down from the top is called "The Email of Unknowing." If you are a Wordpress blogger and are … [Read more...]

As we in America sit down to eat our Thanksgiving Day feasts, let's bear in mind just how fortunate we are, and how so many people in the world will go hungry today.Let us also bear in mind that feeling guilty about our wealth does not in itself achieve anything (unless it inspires us to take action in a way that can be of service to others). So the point behind remaining mindful about our blessings is not to indulge in the false pride of overweening remorse, but rather simply to spur us to … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

The word "prayer" has often been trivialized by making it into a way of getting what you want. But... I use "prayer" as the umbrella word for any interior journeys or practices that allow you to experience faith, hope and love within yourself. It is not a technique for getting things, a pious exercise that somehow makes God happy, or a requirement for entry into heaven. It is much more like practicing heaven now. — Richard Rohr, The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See … [Read more...]


I'm currently reading three books on prayer:Prayer: Conversing with God by Rosalind Rinker. A classic evangelical book from the 1950s about developing greater intimacy and faith in God through unscripted, conversational prayer. Praying Our Experiences by Joseph F. Schmidt. A guide to discerning the prayerful quality of all of life's journey, including our feelings and our struggle to know and discern truth. Prayerfulness by Robert J. Wicks. Prayer is not just something we do, it is an … [Read more...]