Anyone care to Twine?

Yesterday Br. Michael at the Monastery suggested that I join Twine, which he described as “Facebook for smart people.” If you’re not familiar with Twine, it combines social networking with an easy tool for sharing content thematically. So I’ve joined, and promptly set up a Twine for Christian Mysticism.

If you’re a member of Twine, let’s connect. If not, then you might enjoy it, so give it a look:

Take the Twine Tour:

My user profile:

The Monastery’s profile:

The Christian Mysticism “Twine”:

Hope to see you there.

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  1. Well Brother Michael would do well in marketing, what a subtly flattering way to describe this and haul people in!
    As I chose a ball of string as an image of God during a workshop exercise at the weekend, I think this is obviously meant – I just joined and will send you an invite once I’ve tweaked all the settings etc.

  2. “Facebook for smart people.” That sounds pretty elitist. Is judging people part of the mystic agenda these days? I can’t seem to find any trace of that in any Holy Agnosis.

  3. I think the comment was meant playfully; at least, that’s how I took it. As for any idea that acknowledging differences in skill levels is somehow non-mystical, I would refer the open-minded seeker to the work of Ken Wilber.

  4. I’ve tried Twine as it is, but have found I prefer to stay with delicious.

    Having said that, Eric Schoenfeld at Techcrunch has linked to a YouTube video by Twine founder Nova Spivak in which he provides a peek at Twine 2, which promises to be a much more fully realized symantec search engine. Eric’s post is worth a look:

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