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I pray much to have a wise heart, and perhaps the rediscovery of Lady Julian of Norwich will help me. I took her book with me on a quiet walk among the cedars. She is a true theologian with greater clarity, depth and order than St. Theresa: she really elaborates, theologically, the content of her revelations. She first experienced, then thought, and the thoughtful deepening of experience worked it back into her life, deeper and deeper, until her whole life as a recluse at Norwich was simply a matter of getting completely saturated in the light she had received all at once, in the “shewings” when she thought she was about to die.

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    Thanks Carl, wonderful.

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    Yeah!! I bow down to Julian and her shewings. I love what Merton says here.

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    Wow this is beautiful. Time to pick her up and read some.

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