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The word “prayer” has often been trivialized by making it into a way of getting what you want. But… I use “prayer” as the umbrella word for any interior journeys or practices that allow you to experience faith, hope and love within yourself. It is not a technique for getting things, a pious exercise that somehow makes God happy, or a requirement for entry into heaven. It is much more like practicing heaven now.

— Richard Rohr, The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See

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  1. This is such a rich book. Thanks for the quote.

  2. I have an extraordinarily long line of books in which I would like to read, but when reading this quote, I think I will move this title up the ranks a bit. My prayer life ebbs and flows; some days much better than others; however, I am at a point now that I am looking to see things through “a different pair of glasses”. Looking forward to the read.

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