The Email of Unknowing

If you want to stay connected to this website/blog without having to visit all the time, you now can get updates sent to your email inbox (okay, disclaimer: I strive to update this blog once a day, and sometimes twice a day when I’m all fired up. So that’s how often you would be receiving email). If you’re interested, look at the widgets on the left side of this site: the third one down from the top is called “The Email of Unknowing.” If you are a WordPress blogger and are signed in to your account, all you have to do is click the button and you’ll be subscribed. Otherwise, just enter your email address and will come to you.

It’s all handled by the internet gremlins and I’ll never even see your email address, so it’s not like you’re signing up to some horrible spammer who will sell your information to all the Viagra merchants of the world. No one else gets access to your information, and you will be able to unsubscribe at any time.

I also have my own email newsletter list. I don’t send out emails very often (mainly because I put my energy into this site), but I do send out anywhere from 1 – 4 messages a year (I actually sent out 6 messages in 2007, but only 3 in 2008, and only 1 so far in 2009!) I don’t know that you need to subscribe to both the blog updates and the email newsletter, but if you don’t want the barrage of updates that the blog subscription will generate, the email newsletter is a low-volume alternative. To subscribe to that, just send a message to

So whadda you waiting for? Subscribe, already!  :-)

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  • Yewtree

    Are you still going to carry on tweeting when you have written a new post? Because I am alerted to them via Twitter.

  • James

    agree with yewtree, I come via twitter.

    God bless Carl!

  • Carl McColman

    Yes, the tweets (which are then picked up by my Facebook page) are automatically generated, so they will continue.

    Incidentally, my blog is also syndicated on the “Notes” page of my public Facebook page:

    Thanks for reading.