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Goodness of will in a person is God’s infused love, with which a person practices the things of God and all the virtues. Goodness of will is God’s grace and our own supernatural life, with which we struggle against every sin and win the victory. United with God’s grace, a good will sets us free, raising us up above ourselves and uniting us with God in a contemplative way of life. In turning inward to God, a good will is a spirit crowned with eternal love, while in turning outward it is the master of its exterior good works. It is itself the kingdom in which God reigns with his grace. In it lives charity, wich is our loving affection for God. When raised above itself, it is blessed and united with God. Through it we die to sin and acquire a virtuous way of life, and in it we possess peace and harmony with all things.

— John Ruusbroec, A Mirror of Eternal Blessedness
(from The Spiritual Espousals and Other Works)

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