Monks on Public Radio

I copied the following graphic, paragraph and link from the City Cafe page of the Public Broadcasting Atlanta website. It features a four-minute audio clip that has recently been broadcast on WABE, Atlanta’s public broadcasting radio station. Click on the link beneath the image to hear the audio clip; it features chanting by the monks and an interview with one of the brothers from the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia.

Conyers Monks

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Back in 1944 twenty-one Trappist monks left an Abbey in Kentucky to set up a monastery in what was then a very rural Conyers, Georgia. Trappist monks value silence and will generally only speak when necessary. And for decades they’ve worked to uphold their faith and traditions.

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  • Jo

    “Going toward something”

    I like that. I have met so many people from diverse backgrounds, etc. I see, from your amazing spiritual journey, that you eventually were drawn back to catholicism or mysticism It seems in our journeys to Him, we are drawn to the contemplative, meditative practices or lifestyle. I never cared enough to even explore this facet of spiritual experience before. Now I crave it.

  • noel

    yeah i dig that
    i was born for this ………….this mystical life
    oh i still have to deal with everyday affairs as i am married 7 kids and all that goes with that
    but the call to “pray without ceasing” is exactly that
    god bless
    and i think a lot of monastics may somehow be over protected by their comforts
    sure they don t have much sex but really is that such a huge sacrifice………………nah don t think so