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O Love, why should you be so unknown and why should you, as it were, throw yourself and all your delights at everyone whilst people are trying to find you in hidden corners and obscure places where they will never come across you? How foolish they are not to breathe the fresh air, not to wander about the countryside, not to drink the abundant water, not to recognize and seize hold of God and see his holiness in all things.

— Jean-Pierre de Caussade, Abandonment to Divine Providence

N.B. As I read these words, I am struck by the author’s assumption that everyone has access to fresh air, clean water, and a countryside to wander about it. A quarter of a millennium later, we can no longer assume this to be so. Perhaps for those of us who do enjoy such privileges, we ought to consider what kind of life-choices we should make to support the goal that clean air, clear water, and open spaces will eventually be available to all.

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  • http://www.virushead.net/vhrandom Heidi

    Wonderful quotation… and train of thought. Thank you.

  • http://markredmond.livejournal.com/ Mark

    What I like about it is the assumption that the mystical union is in plain sight and available to anyone who cares to pursue it.